2021 Land Rover Discovery for sale – Features & Specs Review

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery SUV is a true embodiment of Land Rover’s brand emphasis on capability with composure. With its upscale charm and enviable off-road potential, this vehicle is leading the way within its class.

Land Rover has invested in some impressive upgrades for the 2021 Discovery SUV. The new turbocharged engine proficiency complements the interior advanced infotainment system. The combination of engineering and technology is ahead of its time.

The exterior shell of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has seen a significant refresh as well, topping off the impressive nature of the new Discovery.

Start your off-road adventure in the well-deserved luxury Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro you and your family have been waiting for, in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery, for sale at Land Rover Marlboro.

2021 Land Rover Discovery – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve summarized some frequently asked questions below, to help you compile the most valuable information while shopping for your brand new 2021 Land Rover Discovery. Explore everything that the new model has to offer for your family. Learn what to expect in pricing, manufacturer details, maximum mpg, and how well the vehicle holds its value.

Land Rover Discovery starts at $53,900.
Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic starts at $56,400.

The classic British heritage of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is evident inside and out the SUV. Manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover, the quality and durability of this vehicle get better each model year.

The Land Rover Discovery and Discovery R-Dynamic get 19 mpg city fuel economy and
22 mpg highway fuel economy.

The upgraded 3.0L P360 Discovery R-Dynamic gets 18 mpg city fuel economy and 24 mpg highway fuel economy.

The price point of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is reflected in its intricate British engineering and beautifully ingenious craftsmanship. The history and ethos of the brand has been carefully thought-out and integrated into each individual design element, with a contemporary twist.
If you’re looking for luxury and adventure, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has so much to offer. From your initial investment comes a valuable ROI, in the future adventures this vehicle has in store for you and your family.

The advanced technology features strategically placed throughout the 2021 Land Rover Discovery play a fundamental part in the resale of this SUV.

Each pre-owned vehicle has a wealth of experience under its belt and its own adventures to contribute to your family’s future travel. In this case, age is beauty and the older models can look just as pristine as the new (especially when you shop Certified Pre-Owned with Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro).

What are the New Features of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery?

Now with improved rear-seat comfort, Land Rover have outfitted the 2021 Discovery second-row chairs with additional padding. Each family member can expect to enjoy the same level of comfort, even the little ones. With seven full-sized, heated seats in a stadium configuration, you can all enjoy the same views of the road ahead, with no need to ask “are we there yet?”

The design prioritization of the vehicle exterior is evident through its lower and wider posture. Elements of the headlights and rear lights have been redefined, adding to the visual appeal of the Land Rover Discovery. The new front grille and bumpers are ready to tackle any adventure.

Long journeys have never been more appealing with Land Rover’s most intuitive infotainment system yet. The advanced technology with a functional 11,4” UI is compatible with Apple and Android, whichever your preference. Both the driver and passengers can benefit from the latest artificial intelligence, adding another companion to your journey – who will provide 2D and 3D map navigation and live traffic and weather updates.

The safety features of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery provides an extra peace of mind and added support on long, technical or difficult journeys. Standard driver assistance features include Blind Spot Assist, Clear Exit Monitor and Rear Traffic Monitor. The 3D Surround Camera, Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter is an added layer of security, for even the most competent driver.

The All Wheel Drive attribute of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery enhances each individual adventure, equipping the driver with a more confident drive both on and off road. On slippery conditions, such as ice or snow, the AWD and Terrain Response® work hand-in-hand to balance torque between the front and rear wheels, maximizing grip. The vehicle operator can also use the Terrain Response® to optimize driving mode depending on road conditions.

What’s New for the 2021 Land Rover Discovery?

Since the first Land Rover was launched in 1947, it has been eagerly anticipated amongst its class with each model year release. 2021 is no different and industry experts have been anxious to see what’s new for this year.

With its remarkable design specifications and engineering capabilities, this vehicle has many unique features to rival competitor SUVs. For 2021, the Land Rover Discovery offers a few exciting updates. Come and visit us at Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro to explore all that it has to offer. Here’s what you must know about this year’s model.

This year’s 2021 Land Rover Discovery is equipped with 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The new and improved stadium style seating inside the SUV makes it nearly impossible for the passengers to feel how much power the vehicle is outputting, with comfort being a focus of this model year’s design additions. Visit us at Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro to explore all that the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has to offer.

At our dealership, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the new 2021 Discovery in each of the trim selections. Our team will help you to compare the P300 S 4dr 4×4, P300 S R-Dynamic 4dr 4×4, P360 S R-Dynamic 4dr 4×4 and the P360 HSE R-Dynamic 4dr 4×4, and find which will best suit your needs. Safety functionality of the 2021 Discovery includes a range of driver assistance features with the base model. An optional upgrade includes Adaptive Cruise Control.

This 2021 Land Rover Discovery is waiting for your next adventure with an Ingenium 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 296 HP turbocharged engine that’s paired with a continuously variable-speed automatic transmission. There are 12 paint colors available for the 2021 Land Rover Discovery, three of which are brand new for this model year – Lantau Bronze, Hakuba Silver and Charente Grey.

Premium leather and non-leather alternatives are optional throughout the luxurious interior of the Discovery, allowing even more ways to customize your new vehicle and add your own personal touch. Choose from grained leather in Ebony, Light Oyster, or Acorn, and yes the luxury interior really does look as good as it sounds. The 2021 model can seat up to six of your passengers.

Luxury Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro with Exceptional Customer Service

At Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro, we’re known for prioritizing our customers over anything else. Each staff member’s level of commitment and attentiveness is unmatched. We strive to ensure you have a smooth buying process while shopping our premium selection of pre-owned or new vehicles for sale in New Jersey. Our staff is committed to your experience and it is obvious from the time you walk in the door. With Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro, finding a 2021 Land Rover Discovery for sale is even more exciting than ever before.

Our goal is to make sure buying a car is not an overwhelming experience. We know that the range of vehicles for sale can be daunting and tiresome. We’re here to make sure you find a desirable vehicle that moulds to your daily lifestyle and has the luxurious feel of a Land Rover.

Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro has one of the most impressive inventories in New Jersey, with the largest Land Rover luxury auto group, Ray Catena, in the Tri-State Area. All of our Land Rover vehicles allow you the opportunity to explore different choices, while feeling informed to make the decision which is right for you. We’ll do everything we can to help you select a car which has the features you need to hit the road in style. Our world-renowned selection of luxury certified pre-owned and new cars allows you to maintain the high-end feeling of being a luxury car owner in New Jersey.

You’ll see our team’s commitment as soon as you walk through our door. Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro is dedicated to finding you the right price for the right luxury vehicle. That’s why Ray Catena Auto Group is “the Legend in Luxury”. Visit our store or call 732-641-4565 to learn more, or to schedule a test drive in the all new 2021 Land Rover Discovery.

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