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Marlboro, Freehold, and Englishtown drivers searching for a luxury SUV: pay attention. Both the 2021 Range Rover and 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser are luxury SUVs designed with the driver in mind. From their powerful performance to their interior amenities to the safety technology, these two vehicles are built to impress.

The sales team at Ray Catena Land Rover Marlboro has put together this comparison to help you make a decision about your next car. After reading, you’ll be more well-informed for your important vehicle decision.

Range Rover vs Land Cruiser Performance

The base edition of the 2021 Range Rover features a powerful supercharged V6 engine, which is capable of producing 340 horsepower. There’s also the 557-horsepower supercharged V8, power you’ll truly come to appreciate when out on the open road. The Land Cruiser carries just one engine, which can be a disappointment for those who like to customize their driving experience. It produces 381 horsepower, which is certainly powerful, but that doesn’t match up to the top speed of the Range Rover.

One difference you’ll find between these two SUVs is at the pump. Keeping those trips as few and far between as possible is always nice, and the 2021 Range Rover does a good job of keeping you away from the gas station, checking in at an EPA-estimated 17 MPG city/23 MPG highway with the V6 engine. On the flipside, the lone engine in the Land Cruiser is a V8, meaning it’s a gas guzzler. It earns 13 MPG city/18 MPG highway.

Interior Amenities

The cabins of both the Range Rover and Land Cruiser are well-appointed. Inside the Range Rover, the seats up front go from 16-way heated to 24-way heated and ventilated with massage functionality. The Land Cruiser is comfortable in its own right when it comes to the front seats, but you won’t find the luxury massage feature in the Toyota SUV.

When it comes to vehicle technology, the infotainment system in the Range Rover features a pair of 10-inch touchscreens, complete with navigation functionality and a powerful 13-speaker system. The Land Cruiser carries a nice range of interior amenities, but its 9-inch touchscreen doesn’t match up to the size of the screen in the Range Rover.

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Safety Technology

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Whether navigating tight city streets or traffic on the highway, gain the additional assistance for you and those in the car with you, with the technologies found in the 2019 Range Rover. Every drive will feature Emergency Braking, which can prevent a predicted collision with another car or pedestrian. If a possible collision is detected and you are unable to brake in time, pressure will be applied to the brakes to help stop the car.

The Range Rover also features Lane Departure Warning, keeping you apprised of your surroundings. When unintentional lane drifting is detected, you’ll receive a notification alerting you. The Land Cruiser comes with Toyota Safety Sense™ P, which carries similar safety technology, and both vehicles come with rearview cameras designed to let you know what’s happening behind the car when backing up.

2021 Range Rover vs Toyota Land Cruiser: The Final Word

Now that you’ve learned more about the 2021 Range Rover and 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, you might be wondering how to test drive the latest edition of the Range Rover. Ray Catena Land Rover Marlboro serves those in Marlboro, Freehold, and Englishtown each and every day.

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