Land Rover vs. Range Rover

The name Range Rover has become so iconic that many people believe it to be its own brand rather than a Land Rover model. People sometimes even use the terms Land Rover and Range Rover interchangeably, leaving many wondering what the difference is between the two.While the Range Rover deserves all the attention and respect it receives for being an off-roading powerhouse as well as a high-end luxury SUV, it is not its own brand. The Range Rover is the flagship vehicle model by Land Rover. And Land Rover, of course, is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury SUVs.

What is the Difference Between Land Rover and Range Rover?

When it comes to “Land Rover vs. Range Rover“, we’re merely making a distinction. It’s not a competition. The entire Range Rover family of SUVs is under the Land Rover name. Range Rover is the most well-known model name by this respected British auto manufacturer.

From the original four-wheel-drive model, the Land Rover Range Rover, to the more compact and family-friendly Range Rover Evoque, the entire lineup has helped defined the luxury sports utility vehicle field.

Ultimately, the iconic brand name and model name work in harmony to bring you an unmatched combination of luxury and adventure.

Land Rover

The British manufacturer released the first Land Rover model in 1948. Fast-forward nearly three-quarters of a century later, and the world still looks to new Land Rover models to set the standard for the luxury, off-road driving experience.

Land Rovers are known for their roomy interiors, engine strength, and fluid drive, whether cruising on the highway, traversing the city, or embarking on the road less traveled. While the Range Rover family features the most popular Land Rover models, there is more to the brand worth exploring.

  • The Land Rover Discovery is a robust SUV distinguished by its advanced safety features and suburban-friendly aesthetic.
  • The Land Rover Discovery Sport shares a lot of the same features found in the base model, but it also comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and offers slightly better fuel efficiency. It’s also more compact.
  • The Land Rover Defender is the most rugged model of the three. Drivers can count on a formidable towing capacity, a plus for anyone who wants a new Land Rover that is capable of towing their boat or RV. It also comes with impressive off-roading abilities.

Maintaining Your Land Rover

All Land Rover models are known for their high-end features and incredible durability. Still, it’s important to keep these vehicles well-maintained to get the best gas mileage and the most usage out of your investment.

Stay up to date with regular maintenance and oil changes and drive with confidence. At Ray Catena Land Rover Marlboro, we can help you determine the best service schedule for your vehicle based on the year and the Land Rover model that you drive.

Range Rover

Range Rover models are in a league of their own. They sell at a higher price point than other Land Rover models because they offer more luxury features. When the first Range Rover was released in 1970, it marked the Land Rover brand’s entry into the high-end sports utility vehicle market. These SUVs represent the manufacturer’s passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

Here’s a look at some of the Range Rover’s luxury features that make these SUV models so desirable:

  • Sublime interiors with hot-stone massage seats, cabinet air ionization, and automatic sunblinding to enhance cabin comfort
  • Confident driving with electronic air suspension and the Range Rover Terrain Response 2 technology, which adapts to the way you drive
  • Cutting-edge safety with active rear locking, dynamic response, and the new Adaptive Dynamics monitoring system
  • Refined off-roading capabilities with a combination of all-wheel-drive systems and all-terrain technologies

The Range Rover family includes the original Land Rover Range Rover, the performance-focused Range Rover Sport, the unapologetically sleek Range Rover Velar, and the more compact Range Rover Evoque.

Maintaining Your Range Rover

All of the Range Rover models benefit from special servicing from a knowledgeable automotive dealer. You can visit your local Land Rover service and parts center to keep your vehicle well-maintained. Keeping up with routine maintenance and making sure it’s treated by technicians who understand how these vehicles function will guarantee you peace of mind.

Why Buy the Range Rover at Ray Catena Land Rover Marlboro?

There’s nothing like the feel of driving a Range Rover. Visit Ray Catena Land Rover Marlboro for a test drive and enjoy a luxury buying experience. We offer the entire range of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new Land Rover Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport, the Range Rover Velar, or the Range Rover Evoque, our sales team can show you different models in varying color schemes. We can also give you details about the difference between each Land Rover so you can learn more about these vehicles.

We also have plenty of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Land Rovers on our lot, and we offer a variety of buying options, including vehicle financing and leasing, giving you the freedom to purchase a Range Rover on your terms.

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