Should I Buy a Range Rover with Over 100k Miles?

If you’re looking for a high-end SUV at a great price, you’ll be looking at many, you may be considering a used Range Rover. Maybe you’ve found one, and it has over 100,000 miles on the clock, so you’re thinking to yourself… Should I buy a vehicle with this many miles? 

We get it. And the short answer is — sure, Land Rovers can last over an impressive lifespan. But there’s one caveat. You need to think about who you are buying it from and how well it has been cared for before buying it.

First, let’s look at why people like you look at Range Rover in the first place, and what goes into the lasting value of pre-owned Range Rovers.


The Range Rover was one of the original SUVs. In fact, it was popular before people really took to the concept of the SUV, and the brand is often considered a trailblazer.

It took quite a while for the vehicle to gain popularity, as the first generation was considered a bit “boxy” or too utilitarian. However, this was all to change when the company was acquired by BMW and then the Indian automaker, Tata Motors. Today, Range Rover is produced by JLR – Jaguar Land Rover – a very well-respected modern auto company.


You may be thinking about buying one of these vehicles because, even with the miles it has traveled, it looks amazing. It functions well inside, too, with leather seats and all the creature comforts you might expect from a vehicle of this class.

Performance and Handling

Range Rover drives well on the open road, but it is highly capable should you need to take it off-road as well. It’s sure-footed and can handle obstacles with ease due to the “active” locking differentials. Each wheel will play its part, should you need extra traction, and ensure that you maintain forward progress in nearly any sticky situation.


Your Range Rover will be perfectly capable of hauling a car trailer or your boat to any weekend expedition. There is plenty of room towards the back of the cabin as well for all your luggage or fishing tackle.

Different Models

Several different models are available, based on trim style or engine size, and we have many used versions in stock. You may come across the entry-level Range Rover, or the Range Rover Sport. Toward the top of the range (pardon the pun) is the Range Rover Velar. This model features 250 hp and a 2 L four-cylinder turbo engine, and it can return 21 mph in the city or 27 mph on the highway. It has dual-zone climate control, a navigation system, and a power liftgate. For added safety, it features roll stability control as well.

Due Diligence

If you have found what you think is a good Range Rover with over 100,000 miles, due diligence is next. To start with, are you buying a vehicle from a certified dealer? If not, you need to take extra care to ensure that it has been well looked after. You’ll want to ensure that it is in good condition mechanically so that it runs well and you are not faced with any unwanted bills in those early days.

If you are not mechanically astute and want to make sure that your vehicle really is a good buy, bring it along to our Range Rover service department, and we can thoroughly inspect it.

The Ray Catena Promise

Of course, you can always buy a certified pre-owned vehicle in the first place, but just for reference, to be certified pre-owned, it must have less than 60,000 miles.

However, if you buy a vehicle with closer to 100,000 miles from us, you can be sure that it has been fully vetted, and we stand behind its quality. You will get great value for your purchase, as with any other vehicle under the Ray Catena name. If you buy your Range Rover with 100,000 miles at Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro, you’ll get a great price and, should you continue to look after it, may even get an additional 100,000 miles from this great vehicle.

Current Offers

Please take a look at some of these certified pre-owned offers available today from Ray Catena Land Rover of Marlboro. If you want to bring a vehicle in for a service, we are currently running some of these specials as well.

In Summary

Range Rover has an excellent reputation for a reason, and there are many good pre-owned vehicles around. Just remember to be careful if you want to buy one of these SUVs with high mileage. Bring it in to us for inspection first, or opt to buy a certified pre-owned version instead.

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