What is the Land Rover InControl App?

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Current Land Rover models have wowed drivers and reviewers with innovative technology, including Land Rover InControl®. This suite of services and applications connects you to your vehicle seamlessly. It enables you to use vehicle-optimized smartphone apps on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Thanks to InControl, you can easily interact with your Land Rover remotely on a smartphone or Apple Watch.

Three options are available for the touchscreen:

  • InControl Touch™: 8-inch high-resolution
  • Touch Pro™: 10-inch high-resolution
  • Touch Pro™ Duo: Touch Pro 10-inch display combined with a second one above the gearshift

Let’s review how to set it up, the features, and more useful information.

How to Set Up Land Rover InControl

There are three ways to set up Land Rover InControl Apps.

To install Land Rover InControl Apps, follow these steps:

  • Search for Land Rover InControl Apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on your device type.
  • Choose the app, and download, accept, and install it.
  • Confirm installation by finding the app icon on your smartphone screen.
  • Follow the Auto Quick Start Guide to finish the setup.

To connect your smartphone to your vehicle with InControl apps, take these steps:

  • Pair your smartphone with your vehicle’s Bluetooth while in it, enabling phone calls and audio streaming.
  • Plug your phone into the InControl Apps USB port with a cord that came with it, not a charge-only one.
  • Select “Always Allow” for Android when you open the app.
  • Leave your phone unlocked, and select InControl Apps on your Land Rover touchscreen.
  • Tap “View” to use apps without audio or “View and Listen” to use apps with audio.

The third set of steps relates to integrating third-party apps. After completing the initial setup, you may see some third-party ads grayed out with a key symbol on the vehicle touchscreen. You’ll need to do these additional things to complete the process.

  • Select a grayed-out app icon, read the instructions for that individual app, and press “Start”.
  • Approve the pop-up that appears on your phone.
  • Press the home button on the vehicle touchscreen.
  • Agree to a second pop-up.
  • Repeat this for all desired third-party apps to unlock them on the touchscreen.

How to Use Land Rover InControl

You can use Land Rover InControl via your vehicle touchscreen or your smartphone

Land Rover InControl AppStart using it after setup by configuring the home screen to see all the widgets — navigation, media, cameras, and more. Click on each widget to use it within the car. Land Rover InControl is also accessible when you are away from your vehicle through your mobile device, so you can do things like remote start or view journey data.




What Features Can I Use with Land Rover InControl?

There are a variety of features available with Land Rover InControl. Here’s a glimpse at its features by category.


With Infotainment features, you can connect to apps like Newsbeat, Rivet Radio, Rdio, Audiobooks, and Stitcher. Land Rover InControl also enables connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Point-of-interest apps Cityseeker, Eventseeker, Hotelseeker, and Parkopedia are also available.


Land Rover InControl Connectivity provides many valuable capabilities, including connected navigation, Wi-Fi, and MobileDay® for conference calls and online meetings.

Driver Assistance

InControl offers standard and optional driving assistance features. You can also remote start your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, and operate climate control. For your safety, a stolen vehicle locator and alert is also included. You can receive maintenance alerts from the system, use Sygic and Glympse for navigation and GPS, and consult Mileage Tracker Pro for journey and fuel monitoring.

Do all Land Rovers come with InControl?

lr incontrol 2All new Land Rover models offer InControl as a standard feature. Recent pre-owned models may, as well – check with our staff for details on individual pre-owned listings. If you are having a Land Rover vehicle built, you can select InControl as an option during the online customization process.

See How InControl Works Today

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